World’s longest food festival happens in Ireland this autumn #irishfood

Taste the Island will showcase this autumn the very best of Ireland’s food and drink culture. Means that each one of us, including me that I prepare to celebrate my first year on the island, will get to taste local craft food, meet drink producers and see food trails with Irish good food. So let’ s get ready to Insta some pics and celebrate the taste of the Island.


So forget chips&chips that is not what Irish food is about, but tasty portions all together with diverse local beer, no matter if you like pale citrus flavoured or red spicy ale, or prefer the darker, roasted sortiment.

On Taste the Island you can discover month by month (September, October and November) and by city where you can taste the food and discover the drinks. Cause then you and your friends will discover the fun of the island. So talk about an event for 12 week in the Republic and also Northern Ireland.

For those in Dublin, Guiness will host a special dinner or as they say a sumptuous ‘seafeast’ – featuring the very best of seafood and beer pairings, in the Home of Guinness. Tickets are €69.50 per person, inclusive of all courses and beer pairings – and for this event they also have a special Guiness beer that paires with the seafood.

Then Dublin Vegfest is back with a two-day celebration of the vegan lifestyle and add some Festive baking and Chef’s Theatre and chocolate workshops for the Festive edition at the end of November. Or maybe want to learn how to make fresh brown bread or taste some oysters in jazz rhythm.

Also, I’ve sourced some festivals on the list

Johnstown Castle Festival of Honey (28 – 29 September). For those of you who want to see the native Irish Black Bee, the last remaining genetically pure native honey bee in N. Europe. It said to produce delicious honey that can be tasted at this event. Also while searching for honey I’ve come across a producer close to Dublin – at Olly’s farm you can taste and buy soft set honey, creamier and white. Figure that, did not know that this is a kind of honey. And yes, I did some many TV stories at bees farms.

Savour Kilkenny (24 – 28 October)  I heard that dairy and meat products from this region are famous and hope to taste some as there will be local artisan products and also restaurants.

If you’re fan of the whisky go to Old Bushmills Distillery in Atrim, Northern Ireland as this events celebrated the taste of both the Republic and also Northern Ireland. The fac is that the original grant to distil was signed in 1608 by King James 1st and there has been distillation on this site since then, using the unique water from its own stream and Irish barley. Figure that:)

After all these events I think we can get a taste of the island and of the industry that employes over 250.000 people and is the largest net exporter of dairy ingredients, beef and lamb in Europe according to official figures.

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