[Budget] How to make you own homemade beeswax candles

[VIDEO below] Smell of honey and essential oils to cheer up your house, this is the reason you should consider doing your own beeswax candles. Easy, on a budget and a fun way to spend your afternoon pouring and making the candles. Also, I find so much satisfaction in learning how to make it myself at home and enjoy what I create on a budget. I have my favourite brand here in Ireland when we talk about soy wax, but no alternative for 100% beeswax candles.

So let’s start so you can see – step by step – what ingredients you need in order to make you own candles:


I only buy beeswax from beekeepers to ensure the wax is pure, has that gold yellow colour and no residues. My order came very fast from Dingle beekeeping supplies and I bought 1kg of beeswax pellets.

During melting you will notice a faint smell of honey and the amazing sun yellowish colour.

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2. Wicks

Also from Dingle beekeeping supplies I bought special cotton wicks. I ordered 3 different sizes. TIP: Choose the wick based on the diameter of the candle you wish to make because if it is too small the candle can tunnel or to large – then the wick will have a big flame.

3. Melting the wax: use a special melting pot, I used the pot I regularly cook sauces in.

4. Jars

Again you can buy special jars for candles, but I for one I want to avoid waste and used jam jars as they can also handle heat very easy.

5. Essential oils

I wanted a natural smell so in addition to the honey scent that the beeswax candles already have, so I added some drops of Dottera oils. I received them as gift some months ago and have been using them since. They are great for moments when you need to relax, cheer up or have a good night sleep. The easiest way to do it is by simply placing a few drops of essential oil in the palm of your hand and then distribute the scent around the nose as you breathe deeply. My favourites are neroli, orange and cedarwood.

Everything is basic: melt the wax, stick the wick, add essential oils after the wax cools down a bit and pour it in. Simple and on a budget.

Tips from Farmhouse on Bonne: add some coconut oil or some cocoa butter to the candles for amazing smell & good mixture.

Disclaimer: Please handle & pour beeswax minding your own safety and use adequate equipment. And if you have children or pets read the instructions & usage of essential oils before using any of them.

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