China: Tips for travelling in China

As exciting as it sounds bear in mind that China isn’t all about noodles and tea. Actually tea was very difficult to find:). China travel tips and advice for planning a China tour includes:


You can get the Visa from the Embassy in maximum one week. The Visa is valid for one entry, two or 10 entries during three months.


They loosen up after some meals because the Chinese know how to respect the lunch hour. During a meal you can chat and get to know the person. Don’t be late, because it is considered rude. I know that european in general are late for meetings, but in China you have to be there at half past 5 minutes to be ok.


In october the weather is warm cause it’s like 25 degrees, just like a warm autumn here in Romania. The winters are almost as cold as the ones in Romania.



If you have lighters, matches and external batteries for charging your phone you should not bring them with you because it is forbidden. Otherwise you will have to throw them away.


The national currency is YUAN. 100 dollars are like 630 yuans. I stayed in Biejing so here a bootle of water was 2 yuans, 1 kg. of pomelo almost 3 yuans, a plate of beef noodles is 60 yuans and a Tsingtao beer 46.


If you care about public transport, the subway is very fast. The journey costs 3 yuans for the first 6km. It reaches 6 yuans till 32 km. After this it is 1 yuan for every 20 km.

For example I took the subway in the center of Beijing, or in the new City how the locals call it, from Tiananmen Square to Wanshou (5 or 6 stations) and the journey was 3 yuans.


Because of the somewhat 10 million cars in Beijing, the smog is sometimes overwhelming, think of Bucharest in a smoggy day. Contrary to this, in Shanghai were the buildings are in the clouds there is no smog, the sun shines bright.

Center of Beijing

View from Pearl Tower, from 256 metres.

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They have a lot of specialites with of course! rice, sea food and salads. The rice dumplings are the best!
Don’t forget to visit a fresh market. You will se there fruits that you never heart of. I ate a fruit that was pink and has the taste of a kiwi. Down you see the dragon star fruit.

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