Irish Chandler The Fresh Candle [Review]

If you need a candle to lit while you enjoy a book on a Sunday gloomy afternoon this is the one. It’s warm mint scent will instantly boost your spirit, while the tea scent will comfort and bring sun even if only in your house.

Fragrance & Notes: 8/10

10/10 for the fresh mint and tea smell that helps you meditate and enjoy a peaceful afternoon. But just 8/10 as the wonderful smell does not last long after the candle is not burning anymore.

Tunnelling: 10/10

This is a soy candle so a very versatile type of wax that in most cases won’t tunnel so you get to enjoy the candle up to the bottom. Also, another wonderful aspect that I look for in candles is to not leave wax traces on the glass, this is one aspect that makes me give 10/10 to this candles as it burns perfectly.

Vessels: 10/10

Same signature amber glass just like the Atlantic candle that can be repurposed as a planting pot or lighting match holder.


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