4 Candles To Turn Your #Staycation in Ireland Into A Tropical Vacation

Ireland is a beautiful country with amazing rolling green hills, breathtaking cliffs and crystal blue Atlantic waves. The weather outside is chilly in the morning and I find my thoughts drifting toward warmer beaches or sunny meadows quite often. And because I know temperature won’t be over 22 degrees during summer here are 4 candles to help if you to feel the tropical mood:

Max Benjamin Dolce Sole

Top notes of grapefruit, bergamot and tangerine blend in a heart of rosemary and jasmine as the scent of the Irish candle brand evolves and fills your room. Think of a summer day when you enjoy a cocktail on the beach and breathe the salty air, this is how you when closing your eyes and enjoy the candle.

Yankee Candle Sunlight Sands 

 The perfumed soy wax it is like pure therapy as it fills your house with tuberose and ylang-ylang notes and reminds you of a stroll on a beach warmed by the sunrise.

Goose Creek Moonlit Coconut

Midnight Tide, Oud and Cedarwood as base notes and you can imagine youself on a beach and feel the warmth of a summer night.

Yankee Candle Coastal Living

Sun, sand, beach and repeat. There is nothing better than living close to the Ocean and strolling on a beach.

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