Max Benjamin Dolce Sole candle [Review]

Fragrance & Notes: 10/10

Top notes of grapefruit, bergamot and tangerine blend in a heart of rosemary and jasmine as the scent evolves and fills your room. Think of a summer day when you enjoy a cocktail on the beach and breathe the salty air, this is how you when closing your eyes and enjoy the candle. Max Benjamin Dolce Sole candle has a base of vetiver and musk that carefully tops the atmosphere. So long boredom, welcome stylish scent house.

Tunnelling: 10/10

A blend of renewable plant based waxes for a clean burn for around 40 hours, but no tunnelling whatsoever for a candle with a lead-free Italian cotton wick. Wonderfully crafted by the Irish company located just down the Wicklow mountains.

Vessels: 10/10

One of the best parts of this candle brand is that it offers refills for the clasic candles so you can just keep the bowl and buy a refill. Easy and sustainable, correct? This was the empty Max Benjamin candle holder ca be used again and again.

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