Wine tasting in Tuscany

Oh Tuscany, the land of perfumed olive bitter trees and scent of almond wine. With this in mind I want to tell you a story about tasting wine in Greve in Chianti.

Greve in Chianti
Greve in Chianti


The starting point is Florence. You can rent a car or pay for a day trip to a winery news to Florence, right in the heart of Tuscany.


I paid 90 euros for two persons for a half day trip. My advice is to take a day trip or weekend because you will have so much to see and you should enjoy every minute. Here it is one example of this kind of trip.

The departure point for almost every trip organised is in front of the train Central Station. You will arrive in Greve in Chianti in 2 hours. The whole trip lasts for 8 hours. I visited Greve in Chianti and two wineries close by.

You will travel by coach, it has air conditioning and wireless internet.

Tasting wines and breathing lavender
And yes, those magnificent cypress tree that you see in every postcard or picture of Tuscany are real. The cypress tree can survive for up to 2.000 years and even the normal trees loose their leaves in the winter it remains the same.

Actually, the wood is so strongly scented that the tree was planted around the houses, churches and cemeteries in Tuscany as people believed that the air was “freshened” by the tree, giving rise to the quintessential “Tuscan landscape” that we hold as being typical of the area.

This is the first winery that we visited and the biggest one. We were 20 person in the group and we tasted 2 or 3 kinds of wine.

Up on the hill you can see the mansion. First we visited the cellars where in oak barrels the Sangiovese wine was kept.
The mansion had a restaurant and a terrace where you could sip on different glasses of wine made by the estate. Chianti Classico and Chianti Reserve were on the list, with of course the touch of Sangiovese. Lavender and olive trees made you breathe Tuscany.
The second winery was a family owned estate by the most precious – TENUTA DI RISECCOLI

Here the star was vinsanto (dessert wine). It’s characteristic amber colour is becaue cantucci biscuits (biscuits with almond) are used in the process of making.

source: Wikipedia
The producers dry the fresh grapes on straw mats in a warm and well ventilated area of their house.
These wine is often made from whitegrape variaties such as Trebbiano and Malvasia, though Sangioves may be used to. In Chianti area for example, the wine must contain at least 50% Sangiovese. Before being put on the market, the wine must be aged for 3 years if the producer wants to label it as Reserva.

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