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The first rule of television is to know what are you talking about when the camera is ON and the second one is to be prepared for it. And be prepared for it means: having the proper make-up and correct clothes. The proper make-up is the one that will last for several hours while doing live reports. But also when the story leads you from a conference at the Ministry of Finance to a report about the weather conditions or to reporting about the increase of petrol prices in the TV studio.

Even though you prepare your newscast, you can’t forget about the need to look consistent with a job that brings your face into millions of homes every day. Now, the broadcast make-up isn’t the caked-on foundation it used to be, but it needs to have more natural touch and be flawless in the same time. We are not acting in a movie, but we are real people delivering news stories and facts to people – so our words and appearance should be the same.

So let’s see what foundations can last for several hours and that don’t cost you a fortune. I figured that after so many years of working in television I could offer some tips & tricks regarding TV and make-up products:

1.Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place

Performance: Nothing beats until now this foundation even after trying several ones. Even when it’s 30C or more outside, during winter time when the wind freezes your face or even when it’s raining cats and dogs, your skin will look perfect. Also, it leaves a matte finish, so needed in television where you don’t need a silky touch of your cheeks of forehead while delivering news stories.

Shade: Double Wear Stay-in-Place foundation blends on the natural tone of your face and becomes like a second skin. I use for example 2N1 Dessert Beige and you can pick out from more than 55 shades depending on your skip type. My skin it’s a combination of pink and olive shades so the neutral range it’s more appropriate.

source: Estee Lauder

You will notice in the description of each Estee Lauder foundation that there are several tones depending on the skin type N (neutral), W(warm) and C(cool).

How to use it: Another thing that I love about Estee Lauder Double Wear stay in place is that it does not leaves marks when trying it on, either if you use a special sponge or use a brush. Then, after several hours of wearing it, the foundation does not become oily or too dry on your skin, neither it changes colour. The last aspect is very important as you won’t for sure like the cases when in some hours your face changes from a neutral tone to a reddish one.

2. Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

Performance: This is the other foundation I come back to as it combines a natural matte finish to full buildable coverage. I don’t see any spots after applying powder during the day to refresh the make-up so another bonus point.

source: Mac

Shade: Less shades but for sure you can depend on this foundation when applying it on a sunny day. Also, it does not cake-on your face so you will have that natural look that will make people listen to what you are saying instead of wondering what foundation you used.

How to use it: When you find the correct share make sure you apply it lightly on your neck – otherwise the foundation on the face will appear as a mask. This is very important especially with full coverage foundations as they minimise every imperfection if you apply them correctly as HD does not forgive anything – every pore is visible 🙂

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