#coronavirus reshapes economy: Joining forces: From candles & beauty products to hand sanitiser

Nothing says spirit of community more than the way businesses shape their activity in order to launch products so much in need these days – hand sanitiser for one has been a rarity these months. But wait no more, there are so many local businesses that are joining the fight against Coronavirus. It’s the case of local Irish candle producer Max Benjamin that just launched its first hand sanitiser with a €1 charity donation from every bottle sold to Dublin Simon Community. A wonderful gesture coming from the Wicklow beauty brand and family business that used is famous True Lavender scent for the hand sanitiser.

The new hand sanitiser is in spray form and this makes it easier for hand hygiene on the go with no wait time for it to absorb. Easy peasy, right? 🙂

Order online here >>> Max Benjamin hand sanitiser

The sanitiser spray comes in a bottle of 100 ml and retails at €7.95. The 500ml refill retails at €24.95. My favourite is the bundle –  €30 for the spray and the refill. On quick note: also to keep ease the lockin in Ireland, the company had teamed up with a yoga specialist and sponsored yoga classes in April.

Next on the list we have the Handmade Soap Company. Lemongrass and Cedarwood are the scents included in their hand sanitiser using essential oils. It’s an easy pump bottle and a handy size to bring when you’re on the go.

Order online here >>> The Handmade Soap Company hand sanitiser

The sanitiser comes in a bottle of 100 ml and can be bought for €6.95.

Company also thinks of the customers and future ones: on the website you can find a rundown on what “we’re reading, watching and listening to, to keep our minds and bodies healthy and moving”. What I looked into – Tips on Self-Isolating from an astronaut by Scott Kelly. Scott Kelly literally couldn’t go outside as he lived in the International Space Station.

Joanne Browne, founder and creator of Jo Browne Natural Solid perfume, is a reflexologist and holistic therapist according to her own website. Using her expertise with essential oils to create this hand sanitiser

Order online here >>> Jo Browne

The hand sanitiser retails at €7.95 in a bottle of 70, has a scent of Peppermint & Aloe Vera according to the website. Also, with €35 you can buy a bundle pack of 6 bottles for the whole family.

To help keep your hands clean and keep them in good condition you can stock Dublin Herbalist hand sanitiser.

The sanitiser comes in a bottle of 60 ml and can be bought for €5.99. The hand sanitiser come with added lemon and tea tree essential oil.

Order online here >>> Dublin Herbalist

According to the website – Dublin Herbalists was founded in 2012 by Claire Brett. Herbalist and Naturopath Claire began developing recipes for a simple moisturiser made from entirely natural ingredients in her home kitchen and now has a whole range of skin products and recently added the hand sanitiser.

On the list we add Cork based company – La Bougie. With Lemongrass/ Mandarin/ Sandalwood, the sanitiser comes in a bottle of 100ml and sells for €8. Do add a candle also in the basket of ordering sanitiser, according to webiste, the artisan candles are hand-poured and have a devout following with candle connoisseurs and perfume lovers.

source: La Bougie

Order online here >>> La Bougie

So let’s all buy from Irish candle & beauty companies and not forget the producers of gin and whisky across the Republic that also rushed to the rescue amid the coronavirus crisis. They are offering to manufacture hand sanitiser, a move that helped already many of the frontline workers these days: here you can read the entire list: From whisky and gin to hand sanitiser

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