#coronavirus reshapes economy: Trust and online orders. How does contactless delivery look like for Tinnock Farm Tipperary, The Farm Shop Tinahely and Airfield Estate

Digital payments and trust have eased the pathway of businesses that managed to operate these months. Tinnock Farm in Tipperary believes in all things simple: according to their website the candles and soap are hand-poured in small batches in the farmhouse overlooking mountains and forest in Tipperary. The owner Kirsten Ivors has also a new batch of aromatherapy candles and offers contactless delivery in front of the farm for those living in Ballingarry. And as nice gesture, for the 2nd year in a row, her girls have their jam jar posy’s for sale for €1. “They came up with the idea last summer, we always have flowers in every room and the girls wanted to share that with other people. They have great fun making the posys and collecting the money from the letter box! I think it also is teaching them great life lessons about business and money at a young age”, Kirsten says.

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She also is very close to the community and has gifted some candle packages to bring comfort in these troubling times: “My business is going well, I am thankful that people choose me to send their loved ones gifts. I know that this cannot last, but at the moment, I am very happy making away, and giving away as many care packages as I can afford”.

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Coronavirus will definitely change the way in how we view life and why not stop a moment and reflect at the warm light of a candle: “I think the pandemic will change a lot of aspects of daily life. I have found that people are reaching out more, connecting with others online and also sending care packages and thoughtful notes to loved ones. I also think some people who have been stuck at home are finding out how to just be. In the rush of daily life, we tend to forget to take time for ourselves, or how to sit quietly and reflect. I think this is why my peace candle has been so popular. It gives people a little ritual to slow down, focus, and reset”.

Another business that has been offering contactless shopping is The Farm Shop, Tinahely. Co Wicklow’s only indoor beach wonderful play barn for children, our restaurant and retail shop, according to the owners’ description online, has found a new way to continue the business. Local Irish products are sold outside the farm in a honesty box.

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Eggs, flours, tomato sauce, scones, pizza or cheese are just a few of the products you can find there. Don’t forget the bag of flour of the weekly fresh veg box.

Airfield Estate introduced during this time a new click and collect market box to keep up with the supply of local food. They sell several boxes that can range from green leafs, to lobster, Corleggy Cheese and all-week raw ingredients for the whole family.

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They all have strict delivery times and the drivers should have in their cars’ windscreens the name and box paid. An employee from Airfield will simply put the box/boxes in the back of the car.

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