#coronavirus reshapes economy: Seasonal veg boxes on the rise. Top 5 veg boxes around Ireland

Veg box schemes have been around for a while, but recently they have seen a jump in popularity. Of course, some bought them before they were a trend, others just discovered them during these weeks of home isolation – whatever was the reason having a fresh box of vegetables and fruits delivered to your door is the new habit. Many discovered the tasty products bought directly from farms and new recipes cooked with seasonal vegs. And nothing says more I care about the local Irish economy than encouraging farmers to supply consumers directly, the new farm-to-fridge type of business. Some of those who tried saw in time that meals aren’t the same every day, they can improvise more and also don’t need to hassle around the isle of the supermarket thinking of buying vegetables, different kinds of herbs, only to get home and discover one ingredient is missing from the recipe they wanted to cook that night.

Let’s go over some of the offers, I’ve added the links in the articles:

1. Hussey’s farm (Dublin)

About: Sean Hussey

Concept: Fresh salad, beetroot, potatoes, milk and cheese delivered to your doorstep thanks to the enormous efforts of Sean Hussey that brought together several producers. With one click you can buy seasonal mixed fruit (€20) or veg (€25) boxes – carefully arranged so you can go on a week with a variety of tasty meals. You can also add individual items and buy as well directly from Irish producers: fresh and sweet Village Dairy milkVelvet Cloud delicate sheep’s yoghurt, colourful and ingenious Mooncoin Beetroot, inspiring Shiitake Mushrooms, delightful St Tola Goat Cheese, amazing discovery Rhubarb, fresh Donnacha Donnelly vegetables and tasty eggs.

How it works: The minimum order value is €25 and delivery is free.

2. Nuget’s fresh produce (Dublin, Meath, Louth and East Kildare)

About: A business with tradition from 1990, Nuget’s Fresh Produce suppliers are local growers according to their website: “The potatoes are grown on the neighbouring farms, the cabbage is grown in Kinsealy and a grower in Lusk, Co. Dublin, provides cauliflower and leeks”.

Concept: Irish Roaster Potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, apples, mushroom or onions are just a few of the products included in the veg box on the website.

How it works: The cost is 20 euros/veg box and the minimum order is 30 euro, but you have plenty of products to choose from. Irish Bunch mix of baby veg, carrot, turnip, parsnip and leek- from Iona Farm, Irish Red Kale, Pink Fir Apple Potatoes and Purple Potatoes grown in Ballymakenny Farm, fresh eggs and butter are just some of the products you can find on the website.

3. Ardkeen (Ireland)

About: Ardkeen Quality Food Store is an independent food retailer based in Waterford. The company is locally owned and managed and has been running since 1967.

Concept: You can buy The ‘100% Irish Growers’ Box from Ardkeen and stock your fridge with vegs from small-scale farmers, with whom the store has long-standing relationships, according to its own website. Swede/Turnip, beetroot, kohlrabi, tomatoes and mixed salad leaves are among the products in the box.

How it works: The veg box costs €25 + €6.95 delivery fee.

4. Green Earth Organics (Ireland)

About: Green Earth Organics means Jenny & Kenneth Keavey who started box delivery scheme in 2006. According to the website, their organic farm is situated 8 miles from Galway City and it is an all-family business from generations. The two Irish producers aim to minimize the impact of farming on the environment so their harvest is produces in an organic and sustainable way: generating their own electricity using solar panels and stocking and using rain water for vegetables.

Concept: All the veg boxes are plastic free and they contains tomatoes, carrots, courgette, onion, different kinds of potatoes, beetroot, beans, cucumber and many more. Depending on the size, the boxes are sufficient for a family of two and for families with a lot more members.

How it works: Prices range from €21.25 to €33.75 depending on the size of veg box and mix, because you can also purchase veg & fruit boxes. The cost of the delivery is €4.50 for the addresses on the local delivery route, outside the cost of delivery is €7.95. 

5. Annie’s Organic Farm (Dublin and Tipperary)

About: Annie’s Farm is just 8km from Cashel Town where the majestic Rock of Cashel is located. According to their website, Annie and Aine are a mother-daughter team who together run Annie’s Organic  Farm Produce. Every veg and salad is hand sown and all hand harvested.

Concept: A colourful box full of organic mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, courgette or leeks, add also some spinach among the vegetables inside.

How it works: You can choose 2 sizes of boxes – €35 and €55. Also, there is a €5 refundable crate charge for the first week and the above price thereafter. You can subscribe for 1/2/4 weeks for the delivery.

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