How to save money using food ingredients for cleaning

Nobody says that commercial cleaning products are no good , but you can use also some typical household items that can easily replace them. From lemon used in mojito to vinegar in salads, the changes are endless. so let’s start.

Lemon. The plain old yellow lemon. In fact this is not only the most important ingredient in a mojito or a lemonade but also in a cleaning product. You can wipe the oven, the silver surfaces in the kitcken and bathroom. But you need to add some extra disinfectant because otherwise the germs are there to stay.

Honey. Not only the winnie bear needs it (joke), but also you can use it to soften sore skin and your lips.

Tea. Can be used together with some esential oils and sprayed in the room.

Vinegar. Use it to clean windows and other shining surfaces. Pour in a recipient a cup of hot water and another half of vinegar. You can also use it to clean the bathroom if you add some castile soap.

Cinamon. If you cannot escape the vicious ants, this is your change, just pour some cinamon in the hole from which they come.

Baking soda. It is ideal for cleaning and also as a drain cleaner if you mix it with vinegar.

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