5 tips to save money while eating healthy

Many of you consider healthy food expensive and associate it always with organic food. Truth is that you can find organic food that is cheaper thant fast-food for example or traditional products. You must know where to look for it.

First of all choose farmers, not local grocery where food is imported. Also you can try to talk to a producer that delivers vegetables and fruits to your house.

1. Shop seasonally. When you go to the market choose the seasonal food, not imported products. For example cabagge and pumpkins are more cheaper now than in the summer.

2. Choose vegetables with fibres and leafes. Cabbage, spinach and broccoli have fibres and vitamines and are aslo cheap in this time of the year.

3. Cook at home. It is cheaper and healthier for you to eat at home. Not to mention that it can be a bonding activity if you spend time with your friends.

4.Eat fish and avoid eating daily. It is healthier and cheaper of course. Not to mention that is assures your vitamin D and omega elements.

5. Shop in the weekend. If your fridge is full with food then you will be less tempted to eat at the restaurant.

photo: http://www.myrecipes.com

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